Binance API connection urgent update


This short article only takes a minute to read, and we will get straight to the point. 

Binance has released updates regarding the identity verification procedure on their platform. 

Link to Binance Update

Overall having a verified Binance account is always a great idea.  On the Tycoon platform, this is more important than ever.  Here’s why: 

  • Having a verified Binance account allows you to trade and withdraw significantly higher amounts of funds.
  • Verified accounts enjoy extra levels of security.  The famous Binance quote “funds are safe” applies here more than ever. 
  • Verified Binance accounts enjoy seamless API ( Application Programmable Interface ) capabilities. 

Currently, the Tycoon platform works with the Binance API in order to guarantee an instantaneous copy trading experience without any delays and latency. However, in order to guarantee this for the future, it’s extremely important that all of our platform users verify their Binance accounts. Why? 

After the 23rd of August 2021 ( at 00:00 AM – UTC ), the API capabilities of the unregistered Binance accounts will be disconnected.  This is very important to keep in mind. 

It’s our mission ( and our duty ) to ensure that all of our API connections are working in the fastest and most reliable way possible.  This way we can ensure the best performing copy trading experience possible.

If you haven’t yet completed your Identity Verification ( KYC ) on Binance, it’s extremely important to complete this step as soon as possible on your current account.

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