New Headquarter in Cyprus

Dear Community!

We hope you have spent enjoyable and relaxing holidays and are ready to jump into the next year. Since we are about to leave this year behind, we would like to update you about our first highlight in 2020:

Starting from 01.01.2020 all operational tasks of the initially founded Tycoon Bisi & Turgut GbR will be taken over by our new headquarter in Cyprus – Tycoon Trading Ltd. We are extremely proud to have set this huge milestone as this is our next step of becoming a globally well-known and innovative company, which brings the solution to this growing and evolving market.

As an attractive business hub for international fintech companies specializing in trading, Cyprus offers Tycoon a very efficient and established regulatory structure for a flourishing business, which will strengthen the confidence among cautious investors and users.


Please log into your dashboard on to confirm that you have been informed about Tycoon Bisi & Turgut GbR transferring all rights, claims and obligations to
Tycoon Trading Ltd: