Why is it hard to invest into crypto

Why is it hard to invest in crypto?

Crypto and Blockchain technology at this point in time is notoriously difficult to understand, let alone invest in. But this is where the opportunity is hidden.

So it has come to this again.  Your family members are again questioning your decisions about investing in crypto and blockchain tech and just like a scared rat, you’re being pinned into a corner.  The fear, uncertainty and doubt are gushing out of every orifice of the mass media, cascading their propaganda into the consciousness of most people, actively discouraging them from dipping their toes into this wild and untamed market.  Yet again just like a rebel, you’re standing on your own defending your position and trying to piece the thick cloud of bullshit with your logic and forward-thinking.  You know what?  This actually happens to ALL the disruptive technologies over the years.  Our society moves very slowly, and the majority of people always fail to spot innovation until the point that this notorious innovation is ringing at their doorstep ready to slap them in the face.  Let’s see why it’s so damn difficult to be an early adopter of the blockchain and crypto. 

People just want a faster horse

It might come as a surprise, but the education system that we all went through is not designed to make us wealthier and happier.  It’s designed to make the owners of the system wealthier and happier.  It dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and it’s precisely engineered to produce perfect taxpayers, button pushers, and consumers.  

Every child that hasn’t yet entered this mental meat grinder is born with a natural and unrestricted curiosity about everything.  This is why our kids tend to ask so many questions to the point of driving their parents nuts.  Only when we enter the education system, this curiosity is slowly being replaced by structure and rigid rules.  From obedience training to the pavlovian bell, to the automatic “because I say so” uttered by the teachers.  

The whole system is there to give you enough skills to be a productive member of society or an expert in one particular field.  This is why it’s so damn difficult to see innovation in front of our noses.  We have been simply programmed to do one thing well.  Our child-like state of flow and curiosity is snuffed out by the time we finally graduate school and can drown our short weekends and vacations in alcohol and entertainment. 

Innovation is something that’s reserved for the untapped minds.  You know who they are.  It’s that girl with tons of piercings, tattoos and wacky ideas.  It’s that quiet kid who at some point decides to correct his teacher’s mistakes, and it’s those people who simply enjoy learning for the sake of learning.  The people who strive to invent something new and cool always tend to look at the world in a different way.  

When the car was invented, there was no infrastructure.  No asphalt roads, no petrol stations, no tire shops, and definitely no understanding how these loud and smelly monstrosities could one day replace the horse and buggy.  At the dinner table, the same conversation that we are having about crypto, took place again and again.  “What? You actually bought a car?”  “Do you believe this thing will go anywhere in the future?”. Sounds familiar?  Don’t be so hard on your relatives.  They do love you and want the best for you.  They are just expressing it in their own, somewhat limited way.  But why do most people fail to see what’s so obvious to us in this crypto space?  

Current financial system

A long time ago, when the merchants set sail to distant lands and prepared their caravans for long international journeys, the modern banking system, as we know it today, was already in existence.  You see it was extremely difficult ( and dangerous ) to transport heavy bags of gold and silver, so the merchants left their coins at the bank for safekeeping and simply travelled with a paper receipt for this very gold and silver.  It didn’t take long for the merchants to start paying with these paper notes ( and for bankers to notice that almost nobody came to collect their gold over the years ).  So in the end, the paper has become the standard payment system and inflation ( by printing more paper than physical gold backing it ) a common practice worldwide. 

In order to make the subject of finance as confusing as possible, a new and elaborate language was invented.  This way the masses of people could be kept in a blissful state of ignorance whereby we “just leave the complicated matters of money to the professionals”.  Try explaining derivatives, forward guidance, and quantitative easing to the general public and you’ll get the point.  The book: “How to Speak Money” demonstrates this gap of knowledge perfectly. 

The average lifespan of any fiat currency is 50 to 75 years.  This means that literally EVERY single form of fiat currency ( that’s not backed by gold ) has ended in a tragedy.  The normal people -like you and me- are paying the price for this through inflation and later on through newly invented taxes such as “carbon credits” and another mumbo jumbo that has nothing to do with ecological problems and everything to do with you becoming poorer by the day.  The system is simply designed this way and sure as hell, we are seeing cracks in the foundation already.  Even the global institutions ( with unelected people representing them ) are saying the same thing. 

At this point, WE ( the crypto community ) can see this, but the average person who’s been processed through the meat grinder of the education system and being grilled by the mainstream media fails to understand this simple fact.  As broken as the system is today, it still somewhat functions normally.  Wages, pensions and unemployment benefits are being paid out.  The banks are open for business and the ATM’s can still churn out crispy banknotes at a moment’s notice.  This is exactly why the modern world doesn’t NEED cryptocurrency.  Or does it? 

Managing FUD 

In short, the world that has a somewhat functioning financial system didn’t need crypto in the past.  It was always a fringe technology with a small and dedicated cypherpunk group building it.  What has changed? 

Our current monetary system is coming to an end, and since 2020 onwards it’s been more evident than ever.  Our rulers are now openly talking about plans and strategies that, just a few years ago, were the favourite topics of the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.  The need for “change” is here.  But let’s not for a second forget that this change won’t be beneficial to the whole society.  It’s just another power grab, banana republic style, and under the banners of ecology, sustainability, and other grand but meaningless words designed to confuse and deceive the average TV watching Joe Sixpack. 

More and more people see it for what it is.  This is exactly why the most adventurous among them are jumping on the crypto bandwagon.  The FUD ( fear, uncertainty and doubt ) is there to distract people from how important this crypto space will be in the future.  What’s going away soon, is our current monetary system.  It will be replaced by the central bank digital currencies and pretty much all of the transactions, we’ll ever do, will be permanently registered on the centralised blockchain.  This is happening right under our noses and it will come faster than anyone expects.  

While the last crypto cycle ( in 2017 ) was mostly driven by greed, this one will be driven by fear.  People don’t want their entire life to be controlled and tracked.  No matter what benevolent label, the unelected rulers like to stick on it.  This is why so many people are buying sovereign cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and many others.  It’s a way out of the system and it’s a hedge against the dystopian future.  The tech is pretty new and untested.  It’s a breeding ground for scammers and criminals.  Why is it then so important to be on board the crypto train? 

Why is it hard to invest in crypto?

The short answer is: It takes time and effort!  That’s all.  Remember how difficult it once was to send an email or to configure your new Nokia?  The same philosophy is applicable here.  People tend to get discouraged when they see what kind of complexity we have to deal with when it comes to the crypto space, DEFI, and all things blockchain-related.  It takes time and effort to get through it all and to understand it.  Why not watch Netflix instead? 

Here’s the interesting part: When there’s tremendous complexity, there is an opportunity for exponential gains.  When the Amazon website looked like shit, nobody believed it would take off.  When Facebook and Google were starting out, it was just a gimmick.  How fast did the times change and how wealthy did the early investors become? 

At this stage, where nothing is grandma-friendly, and it takes time to learn and poke around in this new tech, the opportunity is at its highest.  This is why the media is working overtime to discourage us from investing in it.  This reality is being reserved for the wealthy elites who can see the future clearly.  If you like to explain this at the dinner table, go right ahead.  You might have to deal with compartmentalised ways of thinking and academic opposition from your family and friends, but deep down you have to know that this is the future.  In fact, when your friends and family show up to invest in crypto, it usually means that the market is way overheated and it’s a good time to secure your earnings and wait for the next 4-year crypto cycle. 

Innovation tends to creep up from behind and bite the majority of people right in the ass at the very last point in time.  By then, of course, the people who have “seen it coming” are already reaping the benefits from their risky investments.  It’s difficult and notoriously time-consuming to find your path in crypto.  Fortunately for you, there are many people who have already mastered crypto space and are riding the winds of change.  Get to know them and poke their brains.  The crypto community is very welcoming and inclusive.  You simply have to shake off the thick slabs of compartmentalised scholastic information, rekindle that childlike curiosity and get to work.  You won’t regret it! 


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