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In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading, fortunes are won and lost in the blink of an eye. Amidst the roaring sea of fluctuating markets, complex charts, and ceaseless data, traders around the globe are caught in a relentless pursuit of that one golden opportunity, that one profitable trade that could set them on the path to success. However, more often than not, this chase feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, as if swimming against an unyielding current. The volatility of the crypto-market is its beauty, but it is also its biggest challenge.

In the vast landscape of trading, imagine having a compass, a guide, something to bring order to chaos, light to obscurity. What if you could rise above the noise and stand shoulder to shoulder with the global elites, harnessing the power of real-time market data? What if you had the key to unlock never-before-seen profitable opportunities?

This is where steps in, transforming your ‘what ifs’ into reality with our Elite Membership.

The Elite Advantage

Our Elite Membership, priced at €1999.00 one-time payment gives you lifetime access and much more. But it isn’t just a subscription. It’s a journey, an opportunity, a key to unlock the door to a world where potential profitability and success aren’t elusive dreams, but everyday norms. Here, in the world of the Elites, you are no longer swimming against the tide, but riding the wave.

Journey alongside the World's Best Traders

In this new world, you’re not alone. As part of’s Elite Membership, you’ll join an exclusive trading ecosystem filled with the best traders worldwide. Picture yourself in a virtual room, with the world’s trading maestros by your side, their strategies and insights laid bare for your advantage.

Our user-friendly leaderboard, designed to be the beacon in your trading journey, enables you to easily compare thousands of traders, observe their trading patterns, and, most importantly, learn from them. It’s like having a masterclass with the global elites, whenever you want, right at your fingertips.

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Dive into the Sea of Trading Data

In the ocean of trading, data is your lifeline. As an Elite Member, you’ll gain access to the largest trader database in the world. It’s like having a library of the best traders’ strategies at your disposal. You’ll see in real-time what the best traders are doing, their approaches to various market conditions, and their proven tactics to face market volatility.

Excellent Trading Data and
biggest database at your fingertip

Every Trader on Tycoon has a dedicated Trader profile which makes it easy for you to track their performance in any timeframe. From real-time daily performance to all-time profits, we show you everything!

Harness the Power of Real-time Signals

Imagine having a personal trading assistant, consistently delivering precise entry and exit points, advising on stop-loss and take-profit levels, and providing comprehensive market analysis in real-time. That’s what’s Elite Membership offers.

You’ll have the advantage of being updated with real-time signals. This means that while others are scrambling to make sense of market trends, you’re already one step ahead, seizing opportunities with the confidence of an experienced trader, all backed by our cutting-edge technology.

Finally the world's best traders in one place and leaderboard

One account, one place. Tycoons user-friendly Leaderboard helps you to easily compare thousands of Traders and make informed decisions about who to follow. You can track real-time trading activity, the historical performance of top Traders and see advanced statistics and trading results only available on Tycoon.

Join a Community that Elevates Your Success

You’re not just another trader at You’re a part of a community committed to your success. With our Elite Membership, you’ll have the tools to track your own Binance Futures performance and gain valuable insights about your trading results. This feature allows you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, sharpen your strategies, and continually grow as a trader.

Your Experience Doesn’t Define Your Potential

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an intermediate investor, or a newcomer in the world of cryptocurrency trading, the Elite Membership is designed for all. Here, your experience doesn’t limit your potential; it amplifies.


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