A snapshot of Tycoon Copytrading Platform highlights in 2021

Tycoon Copytrading Platform

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As the year winds down to its close, we’ve taken a moment to spread a few interesting stats and facts that will give you clear insights on what was accomplished this year and what notable size Tycoon has grown into:

We couldn’t be more thrilled for 2022. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that the past year has been stunning, eventful, and memorable! Let’s wrap up a remarkable and successful year by taking a trip down memory lane with the top throwbacks of 2021. Buckle up. Here we go:

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6 moments from an incredible year with Tycoon Copytrading Platform

1. Successful Crowdsale

Wrapped up with an outstanding amount of over 78M sold tokens to 5,239 Tycoon token holders from 110 different countries around the globe. These booming numbers exceeded our expectations, hitting 93% of our hard cap!

2. First exchange listing on WhiteBit

Being listed on one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the world was another significant milestone in Tycoon history, as the Tycoon Token entered the open market for the first time. It was only a matter of time before our token was featured on multiple exchanges like Uniswap, Bithumb, Bittrex – and there’s more to come!

3. Launch of TYC staking

We were blown away by our community’s fantastic participation and excitement in the 1st and 2nd phase – the staking pools were full in no time! Have we missed out on the chances? There are still some free spots in our staking phase 3

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4. Onboarding completed

With tremendous success, we’ve completed onboarding for all Crowdsale participants. More than 5,000 potential followers were enjoying the Tycoon Copytrading Platform experience first! Now everyone is invited to enjoy the Tycoon platform.

5. Stop-loss implemented

Stop-Loss implementation went smooth, as well as automatically converting your assets to Stablecoins when Stop-Loss gets triggered. This feature makes Tycoon much safer by limiting the risks to your needs.

6. Tycoon Copytrading Platform is live

After the public launch kicked off, the platform’s doors widely opened for everyone keen to join and explore the Tycoon Copytrading Platform. Also, it’s live and available free of charge for anyone that stakes over 8,000 TYC! Whatever profits you make, you keep them!

But what awaits Tycoon Copytrading Platform in the next chapter!

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Heads Up on what to expect in 2022!

We are proud of how we did in 2021 and are ready to embark on a new mission in 2022. That’s why we are excited to share what next year has in store. We look forward to a long list of new features, partnerships, and campaigns rolling out in 2022:

It is migrating the Tycoon Token to the Binance Smart Chain! Allow everyone to bridge their TYC from ETH to BSC and vice versa. It will lower transaction costs for sending TYC to less than a dollar!

What if you could buy TYC directly on the Tycoon platform? Currently, we are working on this solution to bring the user experience and the utility of TYC to the next level! It will allow anyone to register an account and own TYC in just a few minutes and open the door for possible exchange features on the Tycoon platform.

Want to start the Tycoon Copytrading Platform without owning or staking TYC? No problem! Once we implement connection fees, you pay a small fee for following any trader. Also, you can pay immediately in different currencies. This alternative option will lower the entry barriers, especially for new users. Using TYC will still give you the most considerable benefits.

Parts of our withdrawal process demand to be manually approved by dedicated people from the Tycoon team to ensure top-notch security for funds and assets. We are further automating this process while keeping our guarantee at an equally high level or higher. Get ready for lightning-fast withdrawals very shortly, which always take only a few seconds or minutes!

The Tycoon Copytrading Platform is still evolving

We also work on improved and new features for Tycoon Copytrading Platform like for example:

  • Following multiple traders with a single Binance account
  • Introducing a take profit option to close a following in profits automatically
  • Second exchange integration for Spot trading
  • Futures trading integration

Many more will be announced when development is finished and ready to be released. We expect at least some of these features to arrive in Q1!

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What else? A teaser for Marketing!

Marketing-wise we are already onboarding influencers as Tycoon brand ambassadors to represent us worldwide in multiple languages. Soon we will unveil at least one new marketing collaboration partner with verified excellent past results, which covers nearly every aspect of Tycoons marketing effort. On top of this, CryptoCommons (username: Greeny) is an active trader on Tycoon now and has started to introduce Tycoon to his community of 70K subscribers on Youtube!

More known influencers and traders will start spreading their word about Tycoon in the upcoming weeks.

Starting from January, we will go all guns blazing for the marketing and promotion of Tycoon and our token with:

  • Influencer & PR Campaigns
  • Huge Trading Competitions
  • First TYC referral campaign where everyone can refer Traders or Followers to the platform and get reward
  • Biggest TYC airdrop in Tycoon history
  • Completely new tycoon.io website with a fresh and cutting-edge design

Brace yourself for this and more…

We are stepping our foot into NFTs and will introduce you to our Tycoon utility NFT collection very soon! TYC holders will benefit from early access, lower mint price, and more…

Spread the news and make Tycoon the talk of the town. Let’s make it the best platform out there together!

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Final glance to Tycoon Copytrading Platform

We are always trying and improving our work. The Tycoon team anticipates hearing from you. If you know anybody interested in this business and looking to make a profit, invite them to Tycoon Insights. Or, if you are looking for a safe and sound opportunity for the best Social Crypto trading platform, you are welcome to join the Tycoon Copytrading platform for free. This is where we do our best to build a safe and reliable environment. Also, don’t miss our last post about “How to use Blockchain to verify the news.” We are wishing you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!



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