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All You Need to Know About

There are currently over 6,000 cryptocurrencies circulating in over 20,000 crypto exchanges. In an era where cryptocurrency investment is a popular trend, several issues are surrounding it. Experienced crypto traders can attest to the fact that handling crypto investments is a hard task.

Even in the traditional markets, any investment requires a great deal of time and money to achieve rewards. Unfortunately for traders, the crypto markets are more volatile than the stock markets. That is why platforms like Tycoon are so important; they provide the right tools to navigate the world of crypto trading. presents users with an opportunity to utilize the styles of experienced traders to kick-start their crypto trading future.

What is is the first social trading ecosystem focused on creating a bridge between beginners and advanced crypto traders. It has been working tirelessly for nearly two years to present users with a working product to add value to the crypto market.

The platform aims to leverage the crypto market’s current state to equip all users with tools to reduce losses and earn big. In this case, experienced traders can share information with beginners for a system that favors rewarding for all.

How Tycoon Operates

Tycoon runs through three types of users: The follower, the trader, and the demo user. A follower is anyone who is new to crypto trading or has little time to follow market studies — they login to the network to access insights from traders according to their preferences.

A trader is someone well versed with crypto trading. They update posts on their newsfeed to provide their followers with guides on how to earn juicy rewards. More followers for a trader means more profits for them. A trader’s contribution to the platform maximizes the returns of the entire community.

Traders undergo classification through algorithms and can fall under six categories from 0–5. Depending on their level of expertise, the traders can transcend over time to higher ranks. The algorithms also consider the number of followers, trading balance, growth, and more. Tycoon also ensures a balanced risk to reward ratio providing maximum individual following limits. Traders have to meet requirements to have a certain number of followers. If not, the trader will be ranked lower.

A demo user is a follower, monitoring insights from traders without inputting any capital into a trade. The demo feature helps users for a better acquaintance with the platform before any undertakings.

Advantages of Using Tycoon

Both traders and followers are beneficiaries of the Tycoon platform. Some of these benefits include:

  • Minimizing Losses

Tycoon aims to reduce the number of capital beginners lose in trading. Through the stop-loss feature, the system halts a follow if capital input goes below the follower’s set value for any trader. Following is also flexible, enabling followers to proceed or stop following a trader depending on their level of satisfaction.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Tycoon keeps a close track on traders’ activities using APIs on the network to provide followers with up to date information. It then automatically copies the data to a follower’s portfolio without accessing both the traders’ or followers’ assets. APIs also connect users to renowned exchanges, such as Binance, where they can copy their assets’ portfolio for easier asset management and trading.

Traders can access returns from their contributions passively, allowing them to focus solely on trade. The UI/UX system categorizes all data into charts, averages, and more effortless follow-ups by end-users.

  • Security

Tycoon designed its security system to perfection using a two-layered security interface for safe payments to users. Users are responsible for their assets, and none is stored on the network. Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols are present facilitating registration of legit investors to the platform preventing illegal activities. Tycoon further prevents interior or exterior elements from manipulating the market through self-developed algorithms.

  • Rewards

The ultimate goal of Tycoon is to bestow all users with maximized returns with no hassle. Traders get a chance for profit shares through the successes of their followers. It is only applicable if a follower earns returns from a trader’s insights. Newbies, in turn, utilize the knowledge of traders to master skills and gain profits from trading.

TYC Token

TYC token is the native token of the Tycoon network, running as an ERC-20 coin. The token’s smart contract gives an advantage to the ecosystem of utilizing the minting feature. It ensures that the tokens do not undergo burning and will be an avenue to reward active contributors to the network. Moreover, Tycoon aims to build seamless loyalty between the platform and its users.

It has a maximum supply of 140 million coins. Tycoon designed the allocation of the coins in different sectors. 60% will go to the private and crowdsale. The private sale was successful, where the token sold at 0.07 USD. The crowdsale is ongoing now only at Tycoon token shop selling at 0.10 USD. It would be best to grab yours now and earn a 10% bonus on your purchase.

An additional advantage of holding your token through the crowdsale is it gives you access to the platform before others. Besides, your future transaction fees will earn a 25% discount in the first year, 15% in the second, and 10% in the third. These transaction fees include profit shares and connection costs.

The rest of the allocation includes 18% to the team, 14% to partnerships, 5% to airdrops, and 3% to advisors. These tokens were pre-mined before the deployment of smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The rest get minted after every sale phase and distributed as per set directions on the final platform.

Making a successful investment in both sale events requires users to go through registrations based on the KYC systems. Later, you can start reaping your rewards from the Tycoon ecosystem.

Additional Rewards

Tycoon has an exciting system that awards an extra 15% on TYC purchases to users and referrals. The platform will add all information surrounding the referral program to the network to enable the distribution of shares to referees for fees paid by referrals. You can invite as many referrals to the crowdsale or platform. If the users’ purchasing fee and referrals get to $5,000, the system offers them a $500 bonus in TYC tokens. It is a continuous process, meaning for every $5,000 reached, the users get a $500 bonus.


Tycoon is a growing platform with a vision to provide countless benefits and safe transactions for users, facilitating full control over assets. It recognizes the need to eliminate market manipulations by prominent players to offer you vast rewards from crypto trading.

It invests in a strong team of developers and advisors for the community’s best experience once it launches the final platform. Soon, Tycoon will be integrating a mobile application as an additional feature for easier accessibility. Lastly, the platform puts into account possible shortcomings it might face and reliable ways of dealing with them for a viable platform at the end.

Register today and get ready to start your trading journey on the Tycoon platform.

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