Do you trade on Binance? Let’s start a Trader Competition

Do you trade on Binance? Let's for a Trader Competition

It’s an excellent time to be a Tycoon

The Tycoon social trading platform is announcing its monthly Trader Competition. Those Cryptocurrency traders who use the API-based copy trading platform automatically have this chance to be among the recipients of 150,000 TYC tokens. There will be 6 winners – a culmination of the top 3 traders with the highest P/L and top 3 highest number of followers. Running monthly, the trader competition will begin on March 1st. We will announce the name of these winners on the 1st of every following month when the contest resets and starts again. Followers, you will not be left out! Tycoon will also be running an airdrop of 50,000 TYC, where any follower who follows at least 1 new Trader Competition in March will be eligible.

Advantages of Trader Competition

Traders, known on the platform as Tycoons, are experienced investors and traders in financial markets. By trading with Tycoon, traders can fulfill their objective of maximizing their profits while building a large following, therefore maximizing the profits of the entire Tycoon community. Tycoon, integrated with Binance, is unique as it utilizes liquidity that already exists on the biggest exchanges. All copied trades are made through an API linked to the trader’s preferred exchange.

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In doing so, Tycoon users retain control over their finances without the need to transfer them to another platform. Better yet, the platform is entirely free to use for a limited time! Using a copy trading crypto platform like Tycoon could be the solution to trading if you are skeptical of Crypto. Copy-trading enables new traders to make decisions through the eyes of those more experienced. Also, as a preventative measure, Tycoon has several measures in place to detect and exclude fraudulent activity and traders to provide a safe place for all users. Do you need more info about this amazing Trader Competition? Stay with Tycoon Insights to the end of this post.

Get ready for a big trader competition

Become a Follower

If you aim to create the maximum success possible by investing in Crypto and Blockchain projects while putting in a small amount of effort, becoming a Follower on Tycoon is right up your alley. Followers may not have time to study complex markets or are entirely new to trading. You can filter Tycoon traders through and select via logging into your platform, finding suitable traders based on their preferences and strategies, and then hitting the Follow button. We capture and process all trades by the platform in real-time and are part of strategies. Tycoons have genuinely made on their own portfolio. Tycoon collects, verifies, and presents the past trading results to help you choose the right one. Another safeguard for Followers is the optional stop-loss feature. This safeguard automatically unfollows a trader once the Follower’s allocated capital falls below a predetermined value set by the Follower.

Get ready for a big trader competition

While a mystery to many, Crypto can also be very rewarding with the right moves. Traders operating as Tycoons should begin building their portfolio and gaining a following from now to improve their chances of winning a share of 200,000 TYC. $TYC will soon be bridged to the Binance Smart Chain, so there is no better time to get involved! This new monthly trader competition is just the start of what Tycoon offers. An upcoming profit-sharing system will soon be introduced, where traders will earn a percentage of the profits made.

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Final thoughts about Trader Competition

We always aim for continuous improvement in our work while ensuring excellent professionalism. We like to hear from you, and suppose you know anybody interested in this news and information; please invite your friend to “Tycoon Insights.” Do you like a safe and credible trading platform? The Tycoon platform remains The Best Crypto Trading Platform out there, and we welcome you to join us for free. We’ll continue to do our best by ensuring a safe and reliable environment for all our end-users.


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