Follow the Best Traders with Tycoon Social Trading Platform

Follow the Best Traders with Tycoon Social Trading Platform

Through social trading. New traders can finally overcome the challenge of knowing what to invest in and when to initiate trades. Prior knowledge required for traders, such as an in-depth understanding of the psychology of trading and other aspects such as portfolio management fundamental and technical analysis, are still crucial to a degree. But with, the ability to copy trades of professionals from the get-go dramatically reduces the time spent in preparation for making those first trades. With all this explanation. Would you like to get acquainted with the best Social Trading Platform?

Social Trading, otherwise known as Copy Trading, bridges any educational gaps in the skills of new traders by providing them with insights from professional trading moves copied directly from more experienced traders’ portfolios.

A Tycoon is an API tool and social trading platform which allows its users to view. Follow and mimic the trades of professional traders onto funds in their portfolio without having to transfer funds away from their exchange.

Choose Traders Based On Real Trading Results

Traders featured on Tycoon (known as “Tycoons”) are displayed with actual data to help investors on the platform find the right traders to follow. All Tycoons’ past results collected, verified. And also presented on its simple user interface. This data can be easily access and filtered through and includes stats such as traders’ profits, total trades, and followers on the platform. 

Specific traders can encounter using the search tab. Once a user follows a Tycoon social trading platform, they can monitor them for as long as they desire. If that trader’s strategies prove to be unsatisfactory, the user can unfollow them at any time. Do you want to know more about the Tycoon Copy Trading Platform and are interested in Blockchain news? Stay with Tycoon Insights to the end of this post.

Asset Safety

Protect your assets by using Tycoon’s optional stop-loss feature. You enable stop-loss features, you can only lose as much money as you allow. When your allocated capital falls below your predetermined value, that trader automatically unfollow. All open orders closed. And also their trades will no longer duplicate onto your portfolio. You can then either “convert to USDT” or retain the last copied portfolio when the Stop Loss triggered.

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How to View and Follow Tycoons On The social trading platform

Access the Leaderboard Tab to view Tycoons to follow. Swipe along with the top Tycoons on the top, or filter through the Leaderboard beneath using the time scale filters. Then, follow some traders that suit your interests.

Tycoon social trading platform was built to empower its users with a time-saving, simple, and fully-automated experience of trading cryptocurrencies through an API-based social trading platform. 

Use this link to create an account on the Tycoon Social Trading Platform.

Final thoughts about Social Trading Platform

We always aim for continuous improvement in our work while ensuring excellent professionalism. The Tycoon Team anticipates hearing from you, and suppose you know anybody interested in this news and information; please invite your friend to “Tycoon Insights.” Do you like a safe and credible social trading platform? The Tycoon platform remains The Best Social Crypto Trading Platform out there, and we welcome you to join us for free. We’ll continue to do our best by ensuring a safe and reliable environment for all our end-users.


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