Recap of the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter

Recap of Tycoon AMA with Token Hunters

On March 9th, Serdar Bisi, CEO of Tycoon, was invited to be the guest of AMA in TokenHunter Official Telegram Group. During the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter, Serdar Bisi introduced the project and its unique advantages in detail. Serdar Bisi shared the recent achievements of Tycoon. Not only that, but he also answered many questions from users.

Tycoon is a platform built to facilitate copy trading. It aims to provide its users with a time-saving, simple, and fully-automated experience of trading Cryptocurrencies through its social trading platform.

Serdar Bisi’s sharing knowledge points are complete, and here we will sort out the essence of the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter for everyone to review.

Q1. What initiated the idea of the Tycoon platform?

Serdar Bisi: The idea originated in 2017/2018 during the Bullrun, where my partner and I recognized a significant need in Crypto trading. This market has a massive gap between pro traders desperately searching for liquidity to trade. And Investors who don’t want to hassle with trading or have no free time or interest in learning how to trade professionally. I was on both ends already myself and other members of the Team. So we know very well what both Users need.

That was the fuel to start Tycoon, which is solving this core problem in a way that serves a win-win situation for both parties and minimizes risks and effort for all parties. Most people have assets on Exchanges, but 99% of them don’t know what to do with them to be most profitable. That’s where we come in. Tycoon allows every User on Binance to copy the trades of other traders in real-time and fully automatic with zero additional effort. Do you interested in the Tycoon Copytrading Platform? Stay with us to the end of the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter

Q2. What makes Tycoon unique in the Cryptocurrency trading markets?

Serdar Bisi: As a non-custodial social trading platform, we do not hold any of your trading funds on our platform. We utilize Binance API keys to read and execute trades on your own Binance account. Funds never leave your Portfolio. This way, you don’t need to worry about losing your money or trusting the trader you have chosen to follow. This unique feature allows everyone to interact without risking the custody of their assets.

Additionally, today’s Cryptocurrency traders are not interested in trading on platforms like eToro or Naga. They want to trade their coins on Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, etc. Tycoon is a safe and scam-proof way to connect traders and followers worldwide, and everyone keeps their funds in their accounts. So once you join your Tycoon and Binance account, select your trader, click “Follow,” and you’re all set to enjoy your profits together!

Currently, the platform is free to use for anyone staking TYC. Here are some links if you want to try it without cost:

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Q3. What are your recent achievements?

Serdar Bisi: —We scaled our Team from 5 to 35 people in the last two years

  • More than 20,000 users registered on the platform, which created a collective trading volume of more than 1 Billion Dollars in just 15 months.
  • We joined the Binance Exchange Broker program, which allows tighter cooperation with Binance in the future.
  • Also, partnered up with two marketing partners this year to promote and highlight Tycoon’s benefits in the Turkish and global markets.
  • Started our traders’ competition and followers airdrop this month where our Tycoon users will share 200,000TYC in rewards for using the platform.
  • The native ERC-20 Token TYC will be bridged to the Binance Smart Chain this month to make Tycoon accessible on multiple chains. That includes a Token bridge and Pancakeswap listing this month and much more to come!

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Q4. What are your plans for the future and the rest of 2022?

Serdar Bisi: The Tycoon team has been working 24/7 on a secret mission for the past few weeks and months, and I am happy to announce it to you finally. We will see a completely new Tycoon platform this year! The new platform will be different in every aspect from our current public beta on

We concentrate everything we learned and built in the last two years mixed with a ten people A-Team of intelligent minds in our internal development and QA departments into this new Masterpiece.

A few sneak peeks for you in Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter:

  • Fully new user experience, new Leaderboard, profiles, and much more information about the trader and his assets. You will see all trader’s assets, equity, trading volume, and much more!
  • An entirely new business model which is unique in this industry! Combined with the native Tycoon token (TYC), this will be the best platform to earn income for most users. Traders will be paid from day one for providing their strategy. TYC is no longer necessary to use the core features of TYC. Staking TYC will unlock new and exclusive features and grant considerable discounts to all transactions on the platform. — The new Referrals and Affiliates program will enable anyone to make a living by promoting or suggesting the Tycoon Social Crypto Trading Platform.
  • Chats are coming! We will introduce private chats for traders to communicate with their followers and inside their community. Everything on one platform!
  • The new backend includes the world’s fastest and most efficient non-custodial order execution system. The all-new Tycoon platform copy trading engine will be born.
  • We will be able to add new exchanges much faster and regularly. It also includes futures trading! There is so much more, but this should be a sneak peek!

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We will go public with all details for the new system, its features, and timeline in April!

  • You can expect a new Whitepaper, an updated roadmap, and exciting changes to the Tokenomics of TYC staking tiers, which will go as high as 500,000TYC for the highest Tier! For today’s Users: The current platform will be maintained and updated as usual, and all operations will continue running. Hence, no changes for our current and new copy-trading Users on the Tycoon platform.
  • Both platforms will develop in parallel until the final platform replaces the current version. We are excited to give you these hints now and finally talk about everything we have been working on for the last few months inside Tycoon. It was not easy to keep this secret and make this step. We believe this will be our most significant milestone to achieve mass adoption.

April 2022 will reveal the Tycoons’ future for the upcoming years! WAGMI

Q5. With all these fantastic, upcoming developments, where do you see Tycoon in 2023?

Serdar Bisi: We are sure Tycoon will become one of the leading platforms in the Best Social Crypto Trading space for retail clients in the next 12 months. We plan to expand our business further this year and start collaborating with institutional partners and business clients. Tycoon is currently serving B2C only. As soon as we are open for the B2B markets, we are sure that our technology will help tens of thousands of people, earning money together in many different ways by following, trading, referring, and holding TYC.

We also see the growing interest of investors and VCs in this market, which will fuel the growth in the following months and years exponentially! When talking about the future, did I tell you that we will start rolling out our first NFT collection? Get excited for “The Tycoons” with very unique and special utilities! Full reveal and design sneak peeks soon!

The next few months will be community-focused, about growing the TYC utility and liquidity, entering the NFT markets with Tycoon, and going deeper into DeFi by providing a bridge for TYC between ETH and BNB networks.

TYC will always be the native Token of the whole ecosystem and is currently available on some CEXs and Uniswap. Pancakeswap is coming this month also!

Check all info here: COINMARKETCAP.COM

We continue with Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter for the community questions.

Tycoon Community Questions

Q1. You mentioned that Assets always stay in your account. So is Tycoon’s security guaranteed?

Serdar Bisi: Oh yeah, I can make this short. We use API Keys to connect to the followers’ exchange account and the traders’ exchange account. So when it comes to trading funds, you will never need to move them anywhere. So your funds are always as safe as the Exchange they are on. Currently, we support Binance Copy Trading. And also they are well known to keep Assets secure and #SAFU. I hope that answers your question!

Q2. What level of KYC does Tycoon require traders to complete before recruitment is approved on the platform?

Serdar Bisi: Our KYC procedure is pretty straightforward and needs a maximum of 5 minutes to be completed. It’s a primary proof of identity with a valid ID document of any kind. Our partner works with AI to automatically approve the verification if everything is alright. The only other thing we need to know is the residency country of the User, and that’s it. Once done, you are good to go! Now the most critical question in Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter

Q3. There are many platforms available in the market. What makes yours unique? What is the utility of $TYC in your platform? Do you have any premium version also to use your service in a better way or give everything in the free version?

Serdar Bisi: As explained earlier, we concentrate on providing a fully automatic social trading experience and non-custodial. In this niche, there is just a hand full of competitors. Feel free to read a tagged message for more details. The TYC is the native Token of the whole ecosystem. You can use it to pay your following fees and receive instant discounts. Also, it can be staked on the platform to receive different benefits and maximize profits. Currently, stakers receive around 16% APY and unrestricted access to all platform features. The upcoming version will introduce a 5-tier staking system where Users can receive even more benefits by staking TYC in higher tiers. Tiers will be available up to 500,000 TYC. Additionally, we will introduce a new and highly demanded one-year staking option that will fuel your rewards!

Q4. Why did you choose the name “Tycoon” for your project? Maybe because your project will have a Tycoon effect in the Crypto world?

Serdar Bisi: The Cambridge definition of a Tycoon is as follows: a person who has succeeded in business or industry and has become very rich and powerful

For us, this is the exact definition of the long-term Traders and Followers on the platform that succeed together in this vast trading market. If you want to become a Tycoon, you have to follow already existing and proven Tycoons out there. And Tycoon platform makes this possible in Cryptocurrency trading.

Q5. Can you explain your staking mechanism? I see it also seems to be related to referral rewards.

Serdar Bisi: In Nov 2021, we launched a new pool for TYC staking phase 3. We raised the maximum pool size to a total of 30,000,000 TYC, giving everyone a chance to stake their TYC. Rewards in this pool will always be 12% APY or higher! There are many benefits connected with staking. For example: if you stake 8,000TYC or more, you will automatically use all Tycoon features to their full extent without any payment. The staking is a crucial part of the Tycoon ecosystem.

Q6. As the last questions of the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter. How to stay cool in the current situation in the Crypto market?

Serdar Bisi: This is a great question! For long-term Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing, the best advice should be to use the money you don’t need for food tomorrow. It will give you inner peace by holding your Crypto assets through the years.

My second advice is if you are not sure what to do with current markets concerning trading. Don’t trade anything just for the sake of trading. Sometimes the best trade is no trade. That’s precisely why we built Tycoon. Connect to any trader on our platform and automatically copy his trades without stressing yourself every day

Q7. How can I buy tokens from your project? Will you have a program to sell tokens to users shortly?

Serdar Bisi: Currently, you can Buy Tycoon Token (TYC) on:

  • Uniswap
  • Bittrex
  • Bithumb global
  • Whitebit
  • Pancakeswap is coming this month!

You can find everything on

In the upcoming version of the platform, you will be able to buy TYC directly from the platform without any exchange.

Q8. The Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter is supposed to support you. Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and how we can participate?

Serdar Bisi: Thank you for the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter and your support! You can join our communities on Telegram and Discord and follow our socials. Every like, comment, and share helps to spread the word about Tycoon.

To give back to the community and users supporting us, we plan many upcoming giveaways, airdrops, and NFT grabs for everyone who holds and stakes TYC tokens on the platform.

End of the Tycoon AMA with TokenHunter

Let’s witness the future of Tycoon! Thank you for being with Tycoon Insights until the end of this interview. We would be very happy if you could join us on:


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