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What is Tycoon Signals?

Signals is the leading notification service which allows you to follow the trades of the best Traders in the world in real-time.

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Tycoon is proud to have access to the biggest Crypto-trading database on the Internet. 
That’s why our Leaderboard features the most profitable Traders in the world.

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Tycoons user-friendly Leaderboard helps you to easily compare thousands of Traders and make informed decisions about who to follow. You can track real-time trading activity, the historical performance of top Traders and see advanced statistics and trading results only available on Tycoon.

Excellent Trading Data

Every Trader on Tycoon has a dedicated Trader profile which makes it easy for you to track their performance in any timeframe. From real-time daily performance to all-time profits, we show you everything!

Real-time Trading Signals

Choose your favorite Traders and let the Tycoon trading engine send you real-time notifications for every trade they make. Use this, otherwise inaccessible knowledge, to elevate your trading profits to the Next Level!

Trusted Data Source

Don’t rely on the Signals of a single Trader! Compare thousands of professional Traders and choose the best ones to follow. Follow and unfollow Traders with a single click.

Tycoon connects you with the best Traders in the world

What was Tycoon Signals built for

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

– Warren Buffet


Track your own Binance Futures performance to get more insights about your trading results. Evaluate your past trading performance to improve your future results.

a Tycoon Trader

Add your Binance account to our leaderboard and compare yourself with other Traders, to see how you’re performing. It takes less than a minute and Tycoon doesn’t need any access to your account. It works like magic.

See what Pro Traders are doing

Are the best Traders shorting or longing the markets? Find out on the Tycoon Leaderboard! Always stay on the edge of real-time trading Information with all details like: Pair, Leverage, Order Size and more.

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Tycoon is built for everyone! Whether you are a professional Trader, an intermediate Investor or a full beginner in Cryptocurrency trading. Tycoon serves everyone with the knowledge and experience of the greatest talents in the world.

Official Binance Partner

The worlds largest Cryptocurrency exchange provides our Users the most secure and 
user friendly trading experience and offers the lowest fees on the market.

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How it works

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Simply follow any Trader you like with the click of a Button. Follow and unfollow as many Traders as you like.

3. Lean back and let Tycoon do the work

Connect with Telegram and receive instant notifications as soon as your followed Traders are opening or closing any position. Simply execute any trades you want to follow on any exchange of your choice.

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Follow the best Traders on Binance. See all performance statistics and receive real-time trading Signals to elevate your trading to the next Level!

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With Tycoon Signals, you can receive real-time notifications in your Telegram whenever your favorite Traders place a trade.

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Frequently asked questions

YES! You can trade on any exchange you like. Tycoon Signals doesn’t limit you to a specific exchange, so you can place your trades on any exchange. However, we still recommend using Binance as it is the largest, cheapest and safest exchange in the world. Open a free Binance account today and receive 20% lifetime discount on trading fees. 

YES! After you register, your free membership will give you access to the full Leaderboard and simple trading performance statistics. To elevate your trading profits to the next level, you can try our premium membership 7 days FOR FREE.

YES, your funds are 100% safe! Tycoon doesn’t need access to your funds or accounts, so your funds are always #SAFU.

Tycoon connects you with the best Traders in the world

Quick & easy, ready to start in no time!