Tycoon Platform Goes Public

Tycoon Platform Goes Public

Are you ready for the Tycoon platform?

We are thrilled to announce that the public beta is launching on 30th November. Get ready!

What Do We Expect?!

Finally, everyone will experience the best Copy Trading experience on Binance with the Tycoon platform. Together with our public launch, we will introduce Tycoon Token staking Phase 3. A bigger staking pool, higher incentives for $TYC holders, and much more!

THERE IS EVEN MORE FOR YOU! Next Tuesday, on 16th November, the platform will receive a massive update, including more than 130 improvements, features, and fixes. Most of them are improving the backend of our platform, making it faster, more secure, and reliable to use for everyone.

The tycoon platform is introducing a New Stop-Loss Feature!

Everyone will set a custom Stop-Loss limit when starting to follow a trader. If your desired balance is reached, the Tycoon platform will automatically unfollow this trader for you.

Additionally, we introduce “Convert to USDT” as an option when setting your Stop-Loss. If you choose this option, the Tycoon platform will automatically convert your balance to USDT after your SL threshold has been reached to prevent your portfolio from any market volatility.

You will be able to immediately follow any other trader on our platform and limit your potential loss to your desired amount and risk appetite!

For All $TYC Holders Since The Beginning

All features of the Tycoon platform will stay free of charge for more than 5,000 already onboarded users until the Public Beta Launch on 30th November! If you didn’t start following already, you should try it out now!

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Important Dates To Remember

16.11.2021 – Massive platform update including new Stop-Loss feature

30.11.2021 – Official Public Beta Launch & $TYC staking Phase 3



Risk Note:

Trading Cryptocurrencies is subject to high risks and may result in capital loss. Please make sure you fully understand the risks associated with trading Cryptocurrencies and only invest as much as you can afford to lose. Be clear about your investment objectives and experience, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if necessary. It is your responsibility to determine whether you have permission to use Tycoon platform s’ services under the laws of your country of residence. Investments in Cryptocurrencies have no protection by any Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


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