What is the Tycoon NFT Challenge?

What is the Tycoon NFT Challenge?

What is Tycoon NFT Challenge

The future is here. NFTs will be, literally, everywhere, and it’s inexcusable not to be onboard. Let’s take a look at the Tycoon NFT Challenge.

Many people mistakenly believe that NFT is just a gimmick. At this point, the most extensive use of Non-Fungible Tokens is, of course, the art and music space. But rest assured that just in a few years, pretty much our whole digital world will make use of NFTs for all the aspects of our lives, down to boring legal documents, proof of legal ownership, and hell, even stocks, and bonds. We are currently just a bunch of humanoid apes playing around with fire stones, the primitive wheel, and stone tools, not even realizing where these amazing inventions will eventually take us to. This is why we in Tycoon are kicking off our very first Tycoon NFT Challenge to tickle the creativity of our whole global community. Yes, there’s every reason to join the fun! Let’s check it out.

When and how did Tycoon NFT Challenge start?

We are fully aware of how vital the Non Fungible Tokens will be. If you’re reading this in 2025 ( and the zombie apocalypse hasn’t broken out yet ), you probably marvel at the exponential growth of technology. For the sake of being up to date, let’s descend from the time machine.

The Tycoon NFT Challenge ends on 29-6-2021.

Here are the rules of engagement;

  • Lucky winners can count on a handsome bounty of 5x 2,000 TYC tokens
  • The NFT art must be posted on Twitter (@Tycoon) with a hashtag: #TycoonNFT
  • The best NFTs that reflect the vision and style of Tycoon will be chosen.

(For the sake of objectivity, we kindly ask not to post anything obscene. Please keep that for Japanese manga)

  • The best NFT from our Twitter account will be posted on our official Tycoon Reddit page (the creators of the NFTs will be linked to share the love!). From there, the voting will take place on Reddit. The best NFT will win!
  • The artists who post the five best NFTs will receive a handsome bounty. The projects will be launched this summer. Very exciting indeed!

To the NFT artists

As stated at the beginning of the article, literally anything can be an NFT. Aside from the obscenities, we thoroughly encourage your full and unrestricted creative flow. Trust in yourself, and just go for it! This challenge is about the culture and the community of Tycoon, and one does not have to put in 100 hours of work to create a new digital masterpiece. From the youngest amateur to the seasoned graphic designer, everyone makes a chance to create a piece that oozes kickass awesomeness from every corner. Let’s go for unrestricted creativity. Everyone is welcome!

Now let’s talk prizes!

  • 5 Reddit posts with the most upvotes will be the lucky winners. The artists will be notified via official Tycoon Twitter chat.
  • The winner will receive a handsome bounty of 2,000 TYC tokens
  • Each NFT will be deployed on-chain in 10 versions only (50 NFTs in total)
  • The winner will receive 5 of the 10 NFTs, as well as 10% royalty from the sale of all of the 10, minted NFTs (for life!)

Tycoon will sell the remaining 5 NFTs and keep the 10% royalty as the artist. For the sake of 100% transparency, we will have complete on-chain data for our whole community to see. We plan to redirect the proceeds from this event to further extraordinary events, campaigns, and even charities later on.

One more thing about the Tycoon NFT Challenge!

Did we mention that one of the winners will have the chance to work with our Tycoon marketing team for a whole week? Well, now you know.

We’re incredibly excited to see what amazing NFT you come up with, and we will be sharing them daily with our whole team of more than 50 people worldwide. Let’s go!


Risk note about the Tycoon NFT Challenge :

Trading Cryptocurrencies is subject to high risks and may result in capital loss. Please make sure you fully understand the risks associated with trading Cryptocurrencies and only invest as much as you can afford to lose. Be clear about your investment objectives and experience, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if necessary. It is your responsibility to determine whether you have permission to use Tycoon Trading Platform s’ services under the laws of your country of residence. Investments in Cryptocurrencies have no protection by any Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


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