Tycoon’s Token (TYC) – The Social Trading revolution has Begun

Tycoon is a revolutionary social trading platform where you can copy your favourite professional trader in real time and share his profits.

If you ever wanted to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies but never got around to it, you’re not alone. Learning to trade well is difficult and time consuming. This is exactly why the Tycoon platform is here. Tycoon revolutionises the art of trading and makes trading accessible to any newcomer by the use of API technology. A starting trader can simply connect to a more experienced trader and copy his moves in real time. This allows newcomers to quickly learn the art of trading and simultaneously receive a share of profits in the process. This way a newcomer to trading and cryptocurrency in general will make his/her educational journey even faster and much more rewarding. The Tycoon platform utilises the native TYC token in order to give the users massive benefits. Let’s dig right in and see how it all works.

Tycoon platform and TYC token

Some inventions end up changing and improving our lives forever. Just look at all the cool stuff we are using on a daily basis and just take a moment to stand in awe and appreciate the fact that some guy or girl actually invented this solution or device in order to improve everyone’s lives. Literally everything you use, wear and consume has been invented to solve a certain problem and to serve people in the process.

This is exactly how the Tycoon platform started. It was invented by a trader in order to make a trader’s life much easier and more streamlined. It’s no secret that only a lucky few become successful traders. The majority of people unfortunately don’t have the time or the patience to learn this amazing, yet such difficult skill. This is where Tycoon shines. It takes the social media model to a whole new level, mainly morphing the art of trading into a social activity.

That’s right. Trading is now accessible to literally anyone! Let’s look at an example: John is a professional underwater welder. He loves the water and he loves his job. Being on top of all the world news, he’s also acutely aware of the importance of crypto currency and what it means to the world. Since John doesn’t want to give up his job, he decides to become a follower on the Tycoon platform. With only a few steps John can now find ( and connect to ) the best traders on the platform and literally copy EVERY move that the trader makes. When the trader makes a profit, John makes a profit. Aside from that, it gives John an amazing opportunity to learn trading by actually being in the middle of all the action while it’s taking place.

This technological wizardry is achieved by the use of an API ( Application Programmable Interface ) that allows him to connect and copy any professional trader on the Tycoon platform. Both John and the trader have accounts on a large exchange ( such as Binance ) and can copy each other’s moves to the second. The system is brilliant and simple. The biggest advantage here, is that any conflict of interest is wiped off the table. The trader and his follower would have never met in real life and would have never started this cooperation if it wasn’t for the Tycoon platform. The trades do what he does best: Trade! The Tycoon platform takes care of all the rest. This symbiotic relationship results in a happy trader, happy followers and most importantly creation of value for everyone in this equation.

Now wait just a minute! I can already hear Carlos Matos’ legendary “Hey hey hey” thundering from the speakers of a potential new “Bitconnect 2.0” scheme. We understand that you are suspicious. And you should be! Overall the cryptocurrency space is an unregulated Wild West filled with scams and rug pulls. This is why the Tycoon platform actually NEVER handles anyone’s funds directly. It’s physically impossible to do! You see, the trader and follower both have their funds on a centralised exchange protected by bulletproof passwords, 2FA and other security measures. Tycoon only brings the trader and the follower together on the platform and all the financials are handled by the centralised exchange. Anyone who’s been around in the crypto currency space knows that Binance has a special SAFU fund for compensating the risk of potential attacks on their platform.

While you were reading, John has already fixed a leak on a Norwegian oil platform and returned to his computer to check on his stats. There are 10 trades in total, 7 of which are profitable ( let’s be realistic here, traders are not machines and losing trades are also possible ). A part of John’s profits goes to the trader and another part goes to Tycoon for being the platform that brought them both together. Final result: John’s balance is positive and that makes him a happy camper. John collects his diving gear and heads for the exit, forgetting one small thing! His profit sharing can be significantly reduced, making sure he keeps even more profits for himself. How? By the use of the TYC token.

TYC token – Full overview

The TYC token is a utility token that is an integral part of the Tycoon ecosystem and helps to deliver serious benefits to the users in many ways. The holders of the TYC token will have a front row seat to all the new and exciting developments that are scheduled to be rolled in the future, as well as a substantial 25% discount on the profit sharing fees. This way John can take even more profits home after the trader that he followed generated some nice gains for both of them.

The TYC lives in the Ethereum ecosystem, meaning that it’s 100% open and decentralized. Anyone is welcome to check the on-chain data and follow all the movements on the Ethereum network. https://etherscan.io/token/0x3A82D3111aB5faF39d847D46023d9090261A658F

The maximum supply is capped at 140 million and this cannot be changed, manipulated or altered by anyone. Not even by Tycoon! Aside from this, we have implemented a minting function that ensures the unsold tokens don’t have to be burned or destroyed. The team is aiming to deliver long term value, therefore the TYC distribution happens as follows;

60% private and public sale

18% team and developers

14% strategic partnerships

5% bounty and airdrops

3% advisors

So what’s the big deal here? Many crypto projects issue their own token these days! What’s sizzling about the TYC anyway? Indeed many projects rely on their own token, however if we learn from history, we can clearly see that the Tycoon platform has been in development for more than 3 years and is fully operational at this exact moment. Needless to say we can’t say this about many new projects out there. Anyone who remembers the crazy 2017 mania, knows that back then, new and exciting projects have sprung up like mushrooms after a rainfall.

Of course most of these projects had nothing to show for and many of them were outright scams. This is exactly why the Tycoon platform has been in development for such a long time ( using the private budget of the team! ) and only now it’s finally ready for the world. The TYC token is not a part of a fancy website and a white paper! It’s a part of a fully functioning ecosystem that brings together traders and followers, delivering long term value to both.

Back to John. He’s rocking a solid 1000 USD in gains and it’s time to share the profits. After the 30% has been distributed to the trader and Tycoon, John can proudly take home a 700 USD bounty. If he wasn’t so impatient and had just spent some time learning about the use of the TYC token, he would have gotten a nice juicy discount of 25% on his profit sharing fee, resulting in a substantially bigger take home bounty. This is why you should definitely own TYC.

Tycoon and TYC token – The ecosystem

To the seasoned crypto veteran it’s very much evident that we’re following the 4 year old crypto cycle to the letter. One thing that is noticeably different in this cycle, is the undeniable presence of the financial heavyweights like Blackrock, Microstrategy, Paypal and even large banks and other institutional investors. The list is growing and the game has changed. Nowadays crypto currency has finally emerged from obscurity in order to dominate the financial markets for years to come.

Contrary to just 2 years ago, time is of the essence and every day counts. No doubt many people are learning the skills of trading, while others are following obscure “pump and dump” groups on social media and even falling prey to scammers and hackers alike. You can definitely go through 5 to 7 books on trading and start to hone your skills slowly. This definitely works. However it would have been best to start it in 2018 when there was still time. Now the bull market is in full swing and many people are getting left on an empty train station.

Tycoon solves this problem once and for all, by letting the student learn from the master while actually BEING in the market as all the action is happening. We are not in Medieval Europe and an apprentice cannot just take years to learn from a master. We are in a fast, interconnected world and every minute counts. Literally! This is exactly why it’s important to be a part of the Tycoon ecosystem and to start today.

We are almost out of time and by 31st of march 2021 the crowd sale of the TYC token ( priced at only 0.10 USD ) is coming to an end. It’s literally the last chance to get in on the action via shop.tycoon.io and solidify your place in this bull market.

There is no doubt that the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency that lives in its nethers is set to change our world for good. We are literally watching the future take place today. Not even the global pandemic can hinder it. Some say that at a certain point there will be only 2 kinds of people around. The ones who have crypto currency and the ones who don’t. This is why learning about this tech is so crucial to any new investor and speculator alike. Trading is not only a “nice to know” skill, it’s quickly becoming THE skill that a prudent investor needs to master in the shortest amount of time. Let Tycoon help you to educate and hone your skills as you go. The TYC token will be the ace in your deck of cards as you navigate across the crypto space.

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Trading Signals
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Receive real-time trading signals when the best Binance Future Traders are making their moves.
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